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Developing Speed While Young

Developing Speed While Young

            Certain junior years for a player are critical in developing speed. For juniors, learning to swing the club with speed and quickness while young will benefit their entire future golfing careers.  I have heard many adults in the game tell junior players to “swing easier”.  For juniors this is the opposite of what they should hear and often a misconception in the game.  Juniors, especially in their early junior years, will develop many characteristics of how they swing the club.  The years before juniors reach the ages of 13 or 14 are very important years for creating speed characteristics which may last the rest of their careers.  Many of the best players in the game and many longer hitters learned to swing the club fast and hard while young.  Many players and experts say although it is possible to increase your swing speed later in your career, it is much more difficult than doing so while young.

It is very important for juniors to keep their balance well in this process.  This is an element juniors, parents, and their teachers need to be cognoscente about in the process of developing their speed.  The junior needs to be able to swing fast, but do so while maintaining control and balance.

Another important aspect to teach talented juniors is to play a slight draw while swinging aggressively. In fact many of the best of all time, Tiger Woods included, often played draws through junior years and were very long for their ages.  The trait of length stayed with them their entire careers and they learned to play more neutral ball flights as they got older.  Playing a draw teaches juniors to develop other characteristics which can lead to better distance, especially characteristics through impact and on tee shots.  If you are someone who is helping a talented junior, remember and apply the above information to their game.  I promise you they will thank you later, especially when they reap the benefits a high amount of speed and great distance gives them as an older player.

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