Junior Golf Instruction in Colorado and Denver


Private Junior Golf Instruction

$90 / Hour

$45 / Half Hour

$425 / 5 Hour Series


Monthly Program for Juniors Ages 8-14

This is a monthly junior program designed for younger aged juniors in the Denver, Colorado area.  The monthly program is dedicated towards creating and teaching athletic motions and basic golf skills essential to becoming a successful golfer and athlete.  The programs instruction focuses on developing athletic essentials through numerous fun-filled stations, some involving golf equipment, some which do not.   This junior program prioritizes athletic development and creating enjoyment as much as focusing on technical skill development.  This is similar to the world famous Titleist Performance Institute junior program structure.  Your young junior golfer will enjoy this program as much as they enjoy recess at school, and most importantly they will develop vital athletics motions and basic golf skills critical to both successful athletics and golf.

Cost: $129 per month


Summer Junior Camps

These three day junior camps provide instruction covering every skill area involved in the game of golf, a general understanding of the rules and etiquette, and a delightful atmosphere for juniors to experience a multiple day golf instruction program in Colorado.  Kids often come from all over the Denver area, and at times, even from the far reaches of Colorado to take part in this fun and engaging golf instruction program. The age range for the summer junior golf camps is 8-14.  The summer camps includes on-course instruction on the Par 3 Course, snacks and refreshments, fun filled stations, many contests, and provides lunch daily to juniors. Dates and Times:

July 9-11, 8:00 am – 12:00 pm

Cost:  $ 250 per junior


Monthly Junior Player Development Program

This golf instruction program is tailored for the Denver area junior golfer seeking a program which is as individualized as it is comprehensive.   The junior player development program is tailored for dedicated junior golfers willing to work extremely hard on improving their golf games throughout a six month period.    Peter will help the junior golfer develop higher skills throughout all areas of the game including ball striking, the short game, and practice and playing strategies. The junior will receive 4 hours of individual instruction per month, with the golf instruction program lasting 6 months.

Juniors:  $280 / Month